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20.03.2019 -The Irish Times - Two-thirds of survey respondents ‘struggle to pay bills’ with their income

14.03.2019 - Reports show that everyone wins in two-way US-Irish relationship

12.03.2019 -Patch - St. Patrick's Day 2019: 5 Things You May Not Know

06.03.2019 -Irish Mirror - Over 90% of Irish parents want their children to learn science in primary school

06.03.2019 -The Irish Times - Parents want more focus on science in primary schools

05.03.2019 - Majority of people 'don't know what interest rate is on their credit cards'

05.03.2019 -Irish Tech News - Twice as many people worry about 'money' compared to 'health'

04.03.2019 -Irish Mirror - Money tops list of worries for Irish people in 2019

26.02.2019 -Newstalk - Criticism of 23% VAT hike on food supplements

25.02.2019 -Irish Examiner - Clonmel gives refuge to insects

22.02.2019 -Irish Examiner - 1,800 jobs at risk if food supplements VAT hike comes in, Minister warned

22.02.2019 -Adworld - Majority of Irish Consumers Don’t Trust Ads on Social Media

22.02.2019 -Irish Examiner - Rise of the machines threatens 40% of jobs in Ireland

21.02.2019 -Waterford Live - Health and fitness app and device usage in Ireland grows despite scepticism from experts

21.02.2019 -RSVP Live - Three in four Irish people think energy drinks should be banned for under 16s

20.02.2019 -Irish Health - Big support for under-16 energy drink ban

19.02.2019 -Irish Mirror - Three in four Irish people support ban on energy drinks for under 16s

18.02.2019 -Irish Examiner - Two-thirds of people do not trust recommendations from influencers online

18.02.2019 - Two-thirds of people do not trust recommendations from influencers online

15.02.2019 -Adworld - Irish Consumers Welcome Smart-Home Technology But Remain Cautious Over Data Privacy

13.02.2019 -Irish Mirror - Nurses slam pay deal as 'insult' as only some staff will get extra €1,200 a year

08.02.2019 -Irish Examiner - Inspiring a new generation of women in business

05.02.2019 -Irish Examiner - Survey finds almost two-thirds of Irish people back nurses' strike

05.02.2019 -Kildare FM - Survey Shows 87% Of Respondents Believe More Could Be Done To Recruit Nurses

05.02.2019 - Nearly 90% believe Government must do more to recruit and retain nurses

05.02.2019 - 64% of people support nurses and midwives strike despite disruption to services new survey reveals

05.02.2019 -Today FM - 64% Of Irish Public Currently Support Striking Nurses

01.02.2019 -Irish Independent - Irish education system needs 'to wake up fast' to cope with future AI workplace - leading futurist

01.02.2019 -Irish Examiner - Grapevine: Thousands of jobs at risk as health supplements face 23% VAT hike

28.01.2019 -Irish Independent - Majority of Irish people think robots are coming for our jobs - survey

28.01.2019 -Business World - Irish People feel certain that large scale job automation is coming

23.01.2019 - Study reports that 79% of the public agree with tougher drink-driving laws

23.01.2019 -Irish Health - Big support for new drink-drive laws

22.01.2019 -Irish Independent - Car loans top list as huge numbers of consumers plan to borrow from their credit union

22.01.2019 - Kildare FM - Credit Unions Says 25% Of Adults To Borrow This Year To Fund "Major" Expense.

22.01.2019 - - Nearly quarter of population only ever borrowed for mortgage

18.01.2019 - Irish Health - Big public support for nurses' strike

18.01.2019 - Leitrim Observer - Latest polls show majority of people support nurse strike action

18.01.2019 - AdWorld - Research Shows Young People Feel Pressure from Social Media Channels

17.01.2019 - Kildare FM - Survey: Majority Of Respondents Support Industrial Action By Nurses.

16.01.2019 - Kildare FM - Study: Half Of All Young People Feel Overwhelmed By Drama On Social Media.

10.01.2019 - - January most depressing month of the year

10.01.2019 - Waterford Live - January viewed as the most depressing month of the year

28.12.2018 - Irish Times - Vast majority are concerned about their finances as they head into 2019

28.12.2018 - Irish Independent - One in four expects to be worse off in 2019 amid dire outlook

20.12.2018 - Irish Times - Ireland needs to show serious support for women’s sport

20.12.2018 - Virgin Media - Irish people spend up to 6 hours watching television on Christmas Day

19.12.2018 - Waterford Live - Waterford shoppers to spend on average €606 this Christmas

19.12.2018 - Newstalk - Ireland's top Christmas films revealed

19.12.2018 - Limerick Leader - Research shows GAA overtakes Soccer as country's most popular sport

19.12.2018 - Irish Examiner - Here's what was chosen as Ireland's favourite sport in 2018

19.12.2018 - Irish Independent - Survey says gaelic games has overtaken soccer as the most popular sport in the country

19.12.2018 - Irish Independent - Most believe we can own a house in our 20s

19.12.2018 - HotPress - Irish Families Will Spend 6 Hours Watching TV On Christmas Day

14.12.2018 - Waterford Live - REVEALED: Ireland's drinking habits uncovered as Christmas parties hit full flow

13.12.2018 - Kildare FM - 20% Of People Think Minimum Alcohol Pricing Will Lead To Reduced Purchasing

13.12.2018 - - This is how much Irish people will spend on taxis and takeaways around Christmas

06.12.2018 - Business World - Irish shoppers saved a total of €297M over the Black Friday Weekend

03.12.2018 - - Large number of Irish fans believe Ireland can win the World Cup

03.12.2018 - Irish Independent - Study finds young people think veganism 'is ridiculous and trendy'

03.12.2018 - - Poll highlights contrasting moods of Irish football and rugby fans

23.11.2018 - Adworld - MediaCom Research Reveals Average Irish Shopper to Spend €808 on Christmas

23.11.2018 - Business World - 90% of Irish consumers plan to shop for Christmas presents this Black Friday

08.11.2018 - Evening Echo - Survey finds majority do not believe Govt is doing good job on housing crisis

08.11.2018 - Business World - 70% Believe the government is not doing a sufficient job in easing the housing crisis

08.11.2018 - Irish Examiner - Survey finds majority do not believe Govt is doing good job on housing crisis

05.11.2018 - Irish Mirror - Just 18% of Irish social media users say they could identify a bot social media account

01.11.2018 - Newstalk - Almost 40% of Irish people consider themselves 'extremely patient'

31.10.2018 - Business World - Two thirds plan to switch at least one household service in the next year

31.10.2018 - Irish Examiner - Consumers all talk and little action when switching service providers, survey finds

31.10.2018 - Irish Sun - Switching household services could save Irish people over €1,150 on energy, broadband and mobile bills – but many never make the switch

30.10.2018 - Irish Times - Consumer loyalty may cost you €1,100 in next 12 months

24.10.2018 - Irish Mirror - Only 12% of Irish people feel positive about Budget 2019

16.10.2018 - - Irish Strength - Boyne Valley Honey

28.09.2018 - - Incumbent Michael D Higgins still on track to retain office comfortably according to new poll

27.09.2018 - - Stress a major trigger for heartburn

25.09.2018 - Silicon Republic - Verizon Connect warns how firms fail to see data as the new oil

25.09.2018 - Business World - Harnessing the Power of Data to be a Key Business Priority in 2018

17.09.2018 - Irish Independent - One in five will still pay mortgage in retirement

10.09.2018 - - Survey: Almost half of Irish people don't believe mental health can be talked about openly

10.09.2018 - Irish Examiner - Survey: Almost half of Irish people don't believe mental health can be talked about openly

06.09.2018 - Irish Independent - Government should do more to save bees from extinction, says poll

04.09.2018 - Irish Examiner - Honey bee-killing Asian hornet confirmed in England

04.09.2018 - - Honey bee-killing Asian hornet confirmed in England

04.09.2018 - Kildare FM - Bees Make Millions For The Economy, But Are Threatened In Many Parts Of Ireland.

21.08.2018 - Irish Independent - 67pc Irish broadband is 'below minimum'

21.08.2018 - NewsTalk - Two-thirds believe their broadband speeds are not improving

21.08.2018 - RTE - Survey shows major discontent with broadband speeds

20.08.2018 - Credit Union - Half of parents cut spending on family’s clothing and goods to cope with third level costs

30.07.2018 - RTE - 36% of families in debt over back-to-school expenses - survey

30.07.2018 - The Journal - Parents turning to moneylenders to cope with back-to-school costs

30.07.2018 - Irish Independent - Back to school: Parents forced to approach moneylenders and go into debt over costs

30.07.2018 - The Avondhu - Passing on the values of healthy eating to kids

19.07.2018 - Leinster Express - Government should build more homes, says survey

19.07.2018 - Irish Independent - Holidaymakers landed with €700 bills amid confusion over using phones abroad


03.07.2018 - Waterford Live - Survey reveals reasons Waterford people work several jobs

03.07.2018 - Irish Examiner - 67% of Irish people have a side job to pay the bills - Survey

03.07.2018 - Breaking News - 67% of Irish people have a side job to pay the bills - Survey

21.06.2018 - Irish Independent - Denouncing Ireland as a tax haven is as dated as calling it homophobic because of our past

20.06.2018 - Evening Echo - Teenage boys should be offered HPV vaccine

15.06.2018 - RTE - Investments from US companies critical to economy - survey

13.06.2018 - - Nearly half of Irish people class themselves as overweight

13.06.2018 - Irish Independent - Almost 50pc of Irish people describe themselves as overweight or obese

11.06.2018 - Irish Independent - Don't end up getting caught out when using your credit card on that holiday in the sun

07.06.2018 - Galway Advertiser - Toyota has launched its ‘Upgrade to hybrid for free with finance’ campaign, which it says makes it even easier for Irish consumers to switch to hybrid.

06.06.2018 - Westmeath Examiner - Time for tissues!

06.06.2018 - Irish Independent - Holidaying overseas? Here's How a lack of planning will burn you on that sun break

05.06.2018 - Irish Times - 26% of Irish holidaymakers return home in debt

04.06.2018 - Irish Mirror - A quarter of Irish holidaymakers return from their vacation in debt

25.05.2018 - RTE - New data protection laws come into effect across EU

22.05.2018 - Irish Examiner - Ireland ‘facing a skin cancer epidemic’, warns charity

22.05.2018 - Irish Health - Many still not protecting themselves from sun

17.05.2018 - The Avondhu - Only 15% of adults in Ireland have ever been on a blind date

10.05.2018 - - New study suggests electric cars are the future of motoring in Ireland... just not until 2033

10.05.2018 - Radio Nova - In Other News This Lunchtime

10.05.2018 - - Here are the worst habits that Irish people have on dates

10.05.2018 - Midlands 103 - Westmeath Matchmaker Says Meeting In Person Works Best

09.05.2018 - Auto Express - ‘Electric is the future, but petrol still turns us on’

09.05.2018 - Silicon Republic - Are we any closer to an electric car revolution? Irish survey finds out

09.05.2018 - Newstalk - Electric cars 'unlikely' to be mainstream in Ireland until 2033, research finds

09.05.2018 - KFM Radio - Poll: 41% Of People Feel They Will Find Love On Dating Sites Or Apps.

03.05.2018 - KFM Radio - 20% Of Prospective Buyers Hope To Take Out A Mortgage This Year.

29.04.2018 - The Avondhu - Cork second most popular destination for staycation

29.04.2018 - Easy Branches - Cork second most popular destination for staycation

26.04.2018 - Revolve PR - Digital Media Consumption and Youths in Ireland – The Facts and Figures

24.04.2018 - Business World - Money worries more prevalent for Irish people in 2018 than they were last year

24.04.2018 - Irish Independent - Revealed: The biggest sources of worry for Irish people

20.04.2018 - Connacht Tribune - Galway is Ireland’s top staycation destination

20.04.2018 - - The Top Five Most Popular Counties To Holiday In Have Been Revealed

19.04.2018 - The Avondhu - Festivals prove a popular choice for adults

19.04.2018 - Radio Nova - In Other News This Lunchtime

19.04.2018 - Irish Mirror - Galway the most popular county for Irish people to go on holiday, while Spain is most popular country

12.04.2018 - Tech Central - Consumers look to business for tech leadership

10.04.2018 - Irish Examiner - 62% use credit, savings to pay household bills

10.04.2018 - Donegal Now - Struggling households need loans to pay bills as they reveal debt worries

09.04.2018 - Irish Mirror - Cash-strapped Irish householders are using savings or borrowing to pay bills

06.04.2018 - Ad World - Research Shows Insights into Facebook’s Irish Users Online Concerns

21.03.2018 - Irish Examiner - 90% believe Storm Emma red weather alert justified

20.03.2018 - Industry and Business - 40% Think Irish Government Not Doing Enough to Protect Ireland From Impact of Brexit

16.03.2018 - - St Patrick’s Day: A Celebration of Irish Culture Or An Excuse To Drink Too Much

16.03.2018 - Country 104.3 - Happy St Patricks' Day weekend to ya!

13.03.2018 - Beat FM - Survey reveals what Irish people think of drinking on St Patrick's Day

13.03.2018 - Waterford News - Survey reveals what Irish people think of drinking on St Patrick's Day

13.03.2018 - iRadio - A survey has revealed what Irish people really think of drinking on St Patrick’s Day

13.03.2018 - Evening Echo - Survey reveals what Irish people think of drinking on St Patrick's Day

14.03.2018 - The Irish Sun - Half of people in Ireland won’t drink on St Patrick’s Day with 79 per cent of people saying Paddy’s Day booze-up fuels negative stereotype

13.03.2018 - - Survey reveals what Irish people think of drinking on St Patrick's Day

13.03.2018 - Irish Examiner - Survey reveals what Irish people think of drinking on St Patrick's Day

08.03.2018 - Irish Tech News - Technology plays a leading role for irish business leaders

08.03.2018 - Silicon Republic - Changing times: Which technologies are really shaping the future of enterprise?

07.03.2018 - - Time’s Up for gender inequality at work reveals MediaCom & survey

24.02.2018 - The Avondhu - 30% of people using apps have serious concerns about them

21.02.2018 - Irish Examiner - 34% of Irish adults likely to implement smart home technology in future - survey

21.02.2018 - - 34% of Irish adults likely to implement smart home technology in future - survey

19.02.2018 - Offaly Express - Do more men or women use fitness apps?

14.02.2018 - - Most Irish people do not like Valentine's Day

14.02.2018 - Irish Examiner - Most Irish people do not like Valentine's Day

09.02.2018 - - Mental health insights

07.02.2018 - - Boots have come up with a novel way to help people stop smoking

31.01.2018 - Irish Mirror - 85% of Irish smokers who try to quit fail multiple times, study finds

25.01.2018 - Irish Examiner - What to look out for: Internet risks on children’s phones

26.01.2018 - Irish Times - Marketing spend by Irish companies forecast to rise in 2018

25.01.2018 - Irish Examiner - Survey reveals extent of anxiety over smartphone use in Ireland

25.01.2018 - Ad World - Marketers Remain Cautiously Optimistic for 2018 According to MediaCom Survey

25.01.2018 - Evening Echo - Survey reveals extent of anxiety over smartphone use in Ireland

18.01.2018 - Breaking News - Survey: More than 80% of Irish adults think society still stigmatises mental health

18.01.2018 - Irish Examiner - Survey: More than 80% of Irish adults think society still stigmatises mental health

16.01.2018 - Evening Echo - Survey: More than 80% of Irish adults think society still stigmatises mental health

09.01.2018 - Irish Examiner - Every second Irish woman started a diet in 2018 - survey finds

09.01.2018 - Business World - 47% of Irish Adults felt deflated and low when they returned to work this January

09.01.2018 - Irish Health - Many return to work deflated in January

03.01.2018 - Irish Examiner - Ireland’s favourite Christmas dinner guest revealed

18.12.2017 Irish Mirror - Nearly half of Irish people admit to re-gifting Christmas presents

24.11.2017 Kfm - 25% Of Companies In Ireland Have A Plan To Deal With Brexit

30.11.2017 The Independent - News brands boosted as social media habits alter

30.11.2017 The Independent - Rip-off energy costs revealed as prices here second highest in EU

29.11.2017 Irish Examiner - Survey finds 80% worried about winter heating bills

29.11.2017 Evening Echo - Cork is the capital veganism... with our glut of producers, bloggers and coaches

24.11.2017 Ad World - Research Shows that 33% of Irish Adults Will Make a Black Friday Purchase

23.11.2017 Irish Tech News - Virgin Mobile announces unbeatable Black Friday Deals

06.11.2017 The - Could you go cash-free? 8 ways online shopping has changed how we live

27.10.2017 Today FM - Half Of Irish People Will Take Part In Halloween Celebrations

20.10.2017 Irish Mirror - Hurricane Ophelia caused damage to one third of Irish homes, survey reveals

19.10.2017 Hospitality Ireland - Research Shows Most Irish Consumers Not In Favour Of Alcohol Bill

16.10.2017 Business World - Most Irish consumers not in favour of alcohol bill

16.10.2017 Irish Times - Diesel is dead: Why the car industry is at a turning point

10.10.2017 Wicklow News - “Time to talk” World Mental Health Day

09.10.2017 Wicklow News - What do Ireland’s parents want for their children?

20.09.2017 Irish Examiner - 9 out of 10 Irish adults own a smartphone with email, social media and news top three uses

18.09.2017 Business World - 27% of Irish adults have had a romantic relationship with a colleague

05.09.2017 Business World - More than half (53%) of Irish adults use public transport

10.08.2017 Near FM - Laoise Foley from iReach speaks about the connection between Irish People’s Mood and the Weather

02.08.2017 TV Advertisement - IFPA / Durex T.V. Advertisement

27.07.2017 Business World - 77% of Irish like Taoiseach’s views on full employment

25.07.2017 Irish Mirror - Ireland’s miserable weather is making us feel down

25.07.2017 Irish Mirror - Seven out of 10 Irish people believe the weather affects their mood

25.07.2017 The Independent - Back-to-school costs so high children will miss out on basics

25.07.2017 RTE - Money and family are people’s main concerns

10.07.2017 Irish Times - Parents building up debt to send children to school, survey finds

10.07.2017 The Independent - Survey finds parents concerned over back-to-school costs

30.06.2017 Irish Examiner - One-third support licence fee for those who watch television on a tablet, laptop or PC

29.06.2017 Irish Mirror - More than 20% of young people don’t have TV licence – and here’s why

27.06.2017 Silicon Republic - Online shopping among Irish adults still an exploding scene

27.06.2017 Business World - 81% of adults in Ireland shop online

22.06.2017 Irish Mirror - One in three adults has illegally downloaded material from the internet

22.06.2017 The Independent - AdLib: Sociable work a big plus for staff

22.06.2017 Irish Examiner - EU data regulation ‘an opportunity’

20.06.2017 Irish Technews - Four out of five Irish people want easier access to innovative surgical treatments

20.06.2017 Business World - 22% of Irish adults download music illegally

20.06.2017 Irish Examiner - One in three have downloaded something illegally from internet:report

15.06.2017 Irish Technews - New research reveals gap in data protection awareness among consumers in Ireland

15.06.2017 RTE - 15,000 set to attend CoderDojo Coolest Project Event

14.06.2017 Business World - One in five Irish workers have changed their job in the past year

12.06.2017 The Independent - Five moments you won’t want to miss at Data Summit 2017

12.06.2017 Newstalk - Irish businesses in the dark as EU tightens data protection rules

12.06.2017 Irish Technews - New research shows increasing importance of data to business development and lack of awareness of new responsibilities

12.06.2017 Irish Examiner - Warning issued on upcoming general data protection regulation

12.06.2017 RTE - Irish job attitudes survey says two-thirds of adults happy in their jobs

12.06.2017 Businessworld - 63% of Irish workers think they deserve a pay rise

01.06.2017 Credit Union - One quarter of adults in Ireland living in unsuitable homes

01.06.2017 The Independent - AdLib: It’s touch and go for Generation Z

23.05.2017 Businessworld - One in two adults in Ireland read newspapers

18.05.2017 - Playing fair with interns

12.05.2017 The Independent - Revealed: Ireland’s favourite holiday destination abroad… and at home

11.05.2017 Irish Examiner - Spain most popular destination for Irish tourists, says survey

11.05.2017 Businessworld - Spain is the most popular holiday destination for Irish adults

11.05.2017 Breaking News - Spain most popular destination for Irish tourists, says survey

29.04.2017 Irish Examiner - Over half of people consider terrorism a threat in Ireland, says survey

26.04.2017 The Independent - Half of workers have no access to pension

25.04.2017 Irish Examiner - 52% of women continue to work during maternity leave

25.04.2017 Irish Times - Why half of Irish mothers work during maternity leave

11.04.2017 RTE - What annoys Irish people the most?

04.04.2017 Newstalk - These are the biggest causes of ‘headaches’ in Ireland

04.04.2017 - These are the most common causes of headaches in Ireland

03.04.2017 RTE - Revealed: New research shows Irish families struggle to spend time together

16.03.2017 Businessworld - 47% of Irish adults will drink alcohol on St. Patrick’s Day

14.03.2017 Irish Examiner - Survey reveals 57% of adults think far too much alcohol is consumed on St Patrick’s Day

14.03.2017 Breaking News - Survey reveals 57% of adults think far too much alcohol is consumed on St Patrick’s Day

27.02.2017 Business World - 81% of Irish believe job automation will contribute to unemployment

18.02.2017 Irish Examiner - Almost half of racism victims are children

14.02.2017 Breaking News - Most Irish people are not big fans of Valentine’s Day, survey finds

14.02.2017 Business World - 73% of Irish people are not fans of Valentine’s day

14.02.2017 - We’ve got relics of St Valentine, but not all of us feel the love today

13.02.2017 Irish Central - Poll suggests people in Ireland would support Trump’s immigration bans

09.02.2017 Sunday World - Survey – Almost 50% of Irish adults want restrains on immigration

09.02.2017 Irish Mirror - Nearly half of Irish adults think immigration to Ireland is a big problem

19.01.2017 Newstalk - Irish companies to increase marketing spending during challenging 2017

19.01.2017 Irish Times - Irish companies plan to spend more on marketing in 2017

13.01.2017 - MediaCom to share 2017 sentiments

13.01.2017 Irish Mirror - Over half of Irish people feel deflated returning to work after Christmas

13.01.2017 Irish Times - More than half of workforce feel deflated in January

12.01.2017 Business World - 52% of Irish people feel deflated returning to work in January

12.01.2017 Irish Times - More than half of workforce feel deflated in January

10.01.2017 Laois-Nationalist - Almost one in three Irish parents would like a ‘big family

10.01.2017 Irish Examiner - Almost one in three Irish parents would like a ‘big family’

24.12.2016 Irish Examiner - Taoiseach defends Government record on combating homelessness

20.12.2016 Irish Examiner - Take the Christmas holiday poll

15.12.2016 Sunday World - Survey finds Irish people believe a dog ‘makes a house a home’

10.12.2016 The Journal - New campaign tries to get kids reading for Christmas

05.12.2016 - 68% of Irish people admit owning a dog makes a potential date far more attractive

02.12.2016 Newstalk - Survey finds Irish people love their dogs more than their children

26.11.2016 Irish Examiner - Black Friday kicks off Christmas rush

26.11.2016 Evening Echo - Thousands of shoppers flock to city after Black Friday kicks off a weekend of bargain hunting

25.11.2016 Irish Examiner - Survey: Almost half of Irish consumers plan to ignore Black Friday sales

16.11.2016 Talk of the Town - One in four plan to cross border to shop this Christmas

15.11.2016 The Independent - Shops struggle as thousands cross Border for presents

08.11.2016 Irish Central - Just 7 percent of Irish want Donald Trump as POTUS

07.11.2016 Newstalk - Twitter becoming an integral part of people’s Christmas shopping

07.11.2016 Newstalk - 7% of the Irish public want Trump in the White House

07.11.2016 Irish Mirror - Nearly 70% of Irish people want Hillary Clinton to be the next US president

03.11.2016 Independent - AdLib: Brands switching from social media to traditional press titles, says PR chief

03.11.2016 The Independent - Women buy into Black Friday hunt for bargains

01.11.2016 Irish Mirror - Majority of Irish people think Christmas begins in the shops before Halloween has even finished

01.11.2016 Newstalk - 95% of Irish people believe Christmas starts before Halloween ends

22.10.2016 Leinster Express - Cohabiting couples in Laois who are not married deserve equal tax treatment

21.10.2016 Offaly Express - Should Offaly’s unmarried cohabiting couples be treated differently?

13.10.2016 Irish Times - Digital detox is hard to do for most Irish people, research finds

11.10.2016 - Forties seen as decade of most happiness

11.10.2016 The Independent - Pensions: a young person’s game

13.09.2016 - Palliative Care is Still Largely Misunderstood by the Public


29.08.2016 Independent - Your ‘digital Credit Union’: How young people are being offered loans through Facebook

18.08.2016 The Independent - Parents fork out 400 euro a month to put child through college

17.08.2016 The Independent - Two-thirds worried about Brexit impact – but we’re still spending

22.07.2016 RTE - Back-to-school costs hit the headlines

13.07.2016 - Back-to-school costs: Credit Union

13.07.2016 RTE - One-third of parents get into debt over back-to-school costs

13.07.2016 The Journal - Parents debt over back to school cost

13.07.2016 The Independent - Education costs causing financial distress for parents

23.06.2016 Business Post - What Irish people think about Brexit

17.06.2016 The Independent - How women are driving the taxi industry

16.06.2016 Silicon Republic - 1/3 adults ready to dump their Tv licence for the internet

16.06.2016 Irish Technews - 36% of adults would ditch tv licence

16.06.2016 Business World - One third of Irish people pro internet

16.06.2016 - Majority fail to start pension early

02/06.2016 Clare Herald - Clare women hold the purse strings

27.05.2016 Breaking News - Irish people concerned about gangland violence

27.05.2016 live95fm - Dublin wants to learn from Limerick how to tackle gangland violence

14.05.2016 The Independent - Luas dispute: More People are Blaming SIPTU

13.05.2016 Dublin Live - Commuter starting to blame SIPTU

13.05.2016 Carlow Nationalist - Luas drivers finish eleventh day of strike

11.05.2016 Business Post - Social media trend: 3/4 of workers use them while at work

10.05.2016 Irish Examiner - Most Irish people are in flavour of shorter working day

29.04.2016 The Independent - Terror fear influences the fans’ behaviors on Euro 2016

18.04.2016 Irish Mirror - Half of Irish men do cry in last 12 months

13.04.2016 Waterford Today - 1/3 18-34 years old Irish want stricter rent controls

12.04.2016 Business World - Irish finance confidence drops

06.04.2016 - Irish and their pension saving

22.03.2016 Coonan - First time buyers are being pushed out of the market due to the lending restrictions

21.03.2016 Business World - New housing solution from public

07.03.2016 Business World - Bank’s Mortgage Rules

03.03.2016 - Irish worries about country’s infrastructures

05.02.2016 Irish Examiner - Disabled want election gains

01.02.2016 The Sun - Irish people and their mum

14.01.2016 Standard Life - Standard’s Life Financial Confidence Index

31.12.2015 Connacht Tribune - IAPF retirement plan in Ireland

07.10.2015 - Rugby world cup 2015

31.08.2015 KBC - One in four 25-40 year olds plan to move house in the next year

30.08.2015 Irish Examiner - Pubs a major draw for visitors to these shores

26.08.2015 FDB Business - Over Half of Tourists Visit Ireland For the Pubs

25.08.2015 FFT - Majority of Tourists Visit Ireland for our Pubs

24.08.2015 Hospitality Ireland - Over Half of Visitors Come to Ireland for the Pubs

24.08.2015 Drinkindustry Ireland - 54% of tourists come for the pubs here

23.08.2015 Independent - Over half of tourists visit Ireland for our pubs

19.08.2015 - GroupM Ireland Announces Partnership with iReach Insights

19.08.2015 Independent - Most credit card users don’t know what interest they pay

13.08.2015 Independent - Majority of parents forced to borrow for college costs

05.08.2015 Bank of Ireland - 51% of Irish currently go without Life assurance

31.07.2015 Tax Hug - How much do Irish parents pay for kids in college?

22.07.2015 - A Grocery Shopper Special

10.07.2015 - Four out of five parents say back to school costs are a financial burden

08.07.2015 Independent - Third of families borrow for ‘back to school’ costs

08.07.2015 Credit Union - Back to School Costs For Irish Families 2015

08.07.2015 Irish Technews - 50% Of Irish Employees Have Work Contacts On Personal Social Media

08.07.2015 - Adults believe children should be at least 12 to own mobile phone


20.06.2015 Ad World - Reappraising Market Research



04.06.2015 Independent - Consumers may be paying more in confusion over jargon

28.05.2015 Independent - Investors confused over performance of assets

23.05.2015 - Retirement: don’t let your present self screw your future self!

23.05.2015 - Paying For Retirement: Something Our Future Self Can Worry About?

19.05.2015 Nacs Online - Convenience Shoppers Influenced by Advertising

14.05.2015 Business World - 77% of Irish will not have enough money in retirement

14.05.2015 Irish Examiner - Eye-tracking technology maps shopping habits

14.05.2015 Ad World - Convenience Shoppers Influenced by Advertising

14.05.2015 - Deposit rate cuts mean just a third think now is a good time to save

12.05.2015 Independent - Deposit rate cuts mean just a third think now is a good time to save

12.05.2015 European Pensions - 80% of Irish adults under 35 unaware of State Pension amount

11.05.2015 IFG - Eighty per cent of adults under 35 do not know the level of the State Pension

07.05.2015 Independent - Money more worrying than health for ‘negative equity’ generation

16.04.2015 Irish Technews - 32% of Irish SMEs already using Cloud Technology and a further 39% have plans to move


16.03.2015 Media Street - Guinness Burgers are Go

25.03.2015 tipp FM - Radio most trusted source of news.

25.03.2015 KFM Radio - 55% Of Irish People Won’t Pay For Online News.


11.03.2015 Drinkindustry Ireland - Hunger for heritage at Guinness Storehouse

06.03.2015 - Trusting News Channels

22.02.2015 Credit Union - CUs launch ‘Clued-In’ – A financial education tool for secondary schools

11.02.2015 - Understanding the Irish consumer

14.01.2015 - Healthy Choices

 08.12.201 Business Post - 4Credit union survey finds half of people will borrow for Christmas

01.12.2014 - One in four tenants fear losing homes from rent increases

01.12.2014 Irish Examiner - 25% of people fear losing their accommodation and 90% feel new mortgage guidelines will hamper longer term prospects

01.12.2014 Irish Times - Dublin tenants most fearful of losing rental accommodation

01.12.2014 RTE - Survey finds 25% of private tenants fear losing homes

10.11.2014 Irish Mirror - Love/Hate: Fans demand RTE make another season after Sunday night’s explosive final episode

08.10.2014 - Nearly 6 in 10 Irish adults would prefer a conservative budget

03.12.2013 Independent - “Cyber Monday” sees surge in online sales.

21.11.2013 PML - May edition of Engage

14.11.2013 Irish Times - The workplace culture that is holding women back

24.10.2013 Irish Examiner - 50% using savings to survive

10.10.2013 Independent - Why most SMEs don’t see opportunities to make a profit in online trading

01.10.2013 - Friends First Win Technology and Innovation Award

18.09.2013 Independent - Four in 10 pay for holiday with loans or cards

11.09.2013 - Back to School Research

04.09.2013 Business and Leadership - Masterchef is Ireland’s favourite international reality TV show – UPC

30.08.2013 The Journalist - Technology | Irish people watching more TV and being energy efficient

27.08.2013 Business and Leadership - 63pc of TV in Ireland viewed in real-time; 4 in 10 interacting with social media while watching

20.08.2013 Independent - Teens get €30 pocket money – and use it to shop online

19.08.2013 Danske Bank - Control Your Money financial literacy website launched

13.08.2013 Independent - Soaring college bills set to hit €1,000 a month

09.08.2013 - New research reveals Irish men’s top three dream jobs

09.08.2013 - A Festival for all seasons

01.08.2013 - Ex-Munster star Barry is enjoying his new gig

12.07.2013 - A Grocery Shopper Special

17.06.2013 Schools Days - Schools Out For Summer

15.06.2013 - Schooltime holidays soar

12.06.2013 - Social Media Survey

07.06.2013 - Social Media Usage in Ireland Survey

31.05.2013 RTE - Income levels stabilising for first time since 2011

31.05.2013 RTE - What’s left after you’ve paid all essential bills?

31.05.2013 RTE - Income levels showing signs of stabilisation for the first time in two years

31.05.2013 Independent - Relief for families as incomes stop sliding

30.05.2013 Credit Union - ILCU Launch First ‘What’s Left’ Tracker of 2013

18.05.2013 - Rise in dads staying home with children

13.05.2013 - In-Home Decision Making Survey

10.05.2013 Ad World - Social Media Influences Female Purchasing Decisions

10.05.2013 Ad World - Social Media and the Consumer

09.05.2013 Business Post - Women heavily Influenced by Social Media Survey

22.04.2013 Independent - The Diet Industry Survey

13.04.2013 - There’s no place like home Survey

11.04.2013 - Weight-loss ads ‘fake’

10.04.2013 Business and Leadership - Irish Women and Diet Food Ads Survey

10.04.2013 Life and Fitness Mag - Attitudes of Irish Women Survey

26.03.2013 Tech Central - Organisational Culture remains a barrier to Flexible Working

26.03.2013 Digital Times - Irish Firms dismiss Flexible Work practices for employees

26.03.2013 Silicon Republic - Bosses’ Loss of Control fears prevent uptake of Flexible Working

05.03.2013 The Influentials - Women in the Workplace Survey

04.03.2013 Silicon Republic - Gender Discrimination in the Workplace Survey

01.03.2013 - Online Shopping Survey

13.02.2013 - Devices Survey

08.02.2013 - Device Ownership Survey

17.01.2013 Independent - 1.6 million of us have just €50 left at end of the month

21.12.2012 - More people use online to find jobs

21.11.2012 Danske Bank - Danske Bank Launches Ireland’s first iPad Banking app

19.11.2012 Danske Bank - Danske Bank Group completes rebrand of Republic of Ireland operations

22.10.2012 Independent - Month-to-month survival for householders as costs soar

21.10.2012 Independent - Budget cuts will force us to pay another €800 a year for pensions

30.8.2012 Visa - Irish Consumers Carry €78.2 Million In Cash Everyday

09.07.2012 Irish Times - Consumer finances continue to worsen

27.06.2012 Business and Leaderhip - Urban dwellers not willing to pay more for local products

26.04.2012 Irish Times - .ie domain could be sold for internet ‘good causes’

09.01.2012 Independent - Another price hike will see 700,000 ditch health cover

07.07.2011 Irish Times - Up to 47% of adults have less than €100 a month after bills

18.06.2011 Examiner - 585,000 see no future in this country

15.06.2011 Independent - Back to school costs €400 per child

15.06.2011 Independent - High cost of returning to school

16.05.2011 Business and Leadership - Irish consumers spent nearly €3bn online in 2010 – Visa

16.05.2011 Irish Times - Irish shoppers spend €3bn online

06.05.2011 Irish Times - Multitask viewing – the new age of television

05.05.2011 Examiner - Irish holidaymakers shell out €28m in excess baggage fees

05.05.2011 Independent - Children still cashing in on Communion despite slump

28.04.2011 - Adikat launchess mobile marketing survey software

16.04.2011 RTE - 90% of children using recession vocabulary” by RTE News

16.04.2011 Irish Times - One in five left with only €70 after bills paid, survey reveals

15.04.2011 Credit Union - ILCU Launch ‘What’s Left’ Disposable Income Tracker Index

15.04.2011 Independent - 250,000 ‘broke’ after paying mortgage and utility bills